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We are the consumer sensory experts, and we provide your customers with a voice.

*Snagli is the parent company of Taste Endeavors

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Why Taste Endeavors is valuable to your company:


  • Leverage insights to build powerful marketing language

  • Empower business with meaningful data

  • Stay ahead of trends


  • Provides direction to R&D teams through consumer sensory insights

  • Tests products in any stage of development

  • Determine product scaling feasibility

Real Time

  • Engages real customers

  • Provides a feedback driven tasting experience for your customers and makes them feel like a valuable part of your company


Mobile Taste Tests 

We collect data by engaging your customers

Tasting Room Taste Tests

  • This program allows you to capture feedback from customers who are experiencing products in your tasting room.

Field Taste Tests

  • This dynamic program allows you to capture feedback seamlessly out in the field, including the following locales: On Premise and Off Premise accounts, Festivals, Farmers Markets, Tastings, Event Booths

House palate vs Customer palate

Sometimes internal preferences do not match those of the external world, and drinking your own product on a regular basis makes it difficult to be objective. This program helps bridge that gap by providing a platform for comparing Internal (House Palate) vs. External (Customer Palate) preferences.