When brewery staff enhances a guest’s experience, that guest spends 20 percent more.

"When brewery staff enhances a guest’s experience, the staff is making it better in some aspect. An enhanced experience may include the staff sharing information about the brewery, giving prompt service, being polite, engaging with their guests or a combination of the above that makes the guest’s experience better. Engaged guests spend more money.

A guest spending $40 during a regular visit spends $48 when their visit is enhanced. Now imagine they also bring three additional guests with them. Just by enhancing their visit, the party is spending an additional $32 as a result of your staff building a connection.

Our data shows that the studied breweries are achieving this “enhanced” experience 65 percent of the time. That remaining 35 percent is an area where per caps can be increased drastically and the customer experience bettered. Out of this 35 percent, approximately one-third stated they would not recommend or return to that brewery as a result of their experience. It should be the goal of any business owner to make every guest that walks through their doors want to be a guest for life.

Your brewery should be striving for that enhanced experience 100 percent of the time. A huge part of being a successful brewery is practicing basic business practices. Customer experience is often the missing ingredient in craft beer."


Christine Mansour