snag info seamlessly.


snag info seamlessly.


what is it


the time is now to learn about your customers (after all, they pay the bills). Snagli is a text-based platform where you can create custom surveys to collect feedback from your customers.

try it out: text the word SNAGLI to 41411. 

COMING SOON: custom portal pages where you can see your results in real time.


special offer - free trial

try out Snagli for 14 days, no strings attached.

ways to use it 

Lead capture

collect lead gen info like consumer email, phone, gender, & age.

pricing: set up fee $35 & per lead range 10¢ - 50¢

general feedback

collect quick feedback like product ratings & open comments.

subscription pricing: 6 month ($50/mo) or yearly ($35/mo)

custom survey

custom trivia, quizzes, or education tools for customers at events, conferences, shows, etc.

pricing: sign up for custom survey below for quote

Food & beverage deep dive

Taste Endeavors specializes in quantifying your consumer sensory experience and uncovering the true nature your consumer preferences.

pricing: visit Taste Endeavors section for quote



where can I use this tool?

anywhere in the US. there is no fee for texts, either. 

Do I need to download an app?

no, neither you nor your customers need to download any app, visit any website, or worry about integrating any software. snagli is all through texting, making it an easy and seamless experience.

how do I make the survey?

once you sign up,  you can customize the survey in your portal. you upload your company's logo, answer a couple questions, and your survey is created. 

how do I get people to take the survey?

implementation strategies include: discounts, merch, promo codes

how do I get the data?

the data will be updated in your portal in real time. you can also export the data. 

cancellation policy

you can get rid of us anytime you want. our system is set up for automatic renewal, but you will be sent email notifications before a completed billing cycle if you would like to cancel.